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We invite you to be a part of our team of Gaia Girls supporters! Each dollar that you give will help more girls to feel connected to themselves, the Earth, and each other. Your support will help us to continue our free program for West Oakland girls, and create a solid base to launch our curriculum campaign over the next year in order to solidly train and support our staff.

Gaia Girls* Passages provides safe circles of support that teach the skills of social and emotional intelligence and nature connection. Girls are immersed in an inter-generational community and are mentored through a meaningful rite of passage into their teenage years.

*Gaia Girls uses the word “girls” to mean all children, pre-teens and teens who identify as a girl and/or identifies as LGBTQ who feel they belong at Gaia Girls.

“Gaia Girls has helped my daughter grow tremendous confidence in herself.”

Your support will help us to take the next steps towards the following goals:

Bring Gaia Girls to more communities: We are being asked to offer groups beyond our current capacity to provide them.

Fill the gap between program fees and what it costs to run programs: We are able to fund 70% of what it takes to run Gaia Girls through program fees. The remaining 30% we need to raise through donations.

Support Our Scholarship fund: We provided over $30,000 in scholarships in 2018. Help us continue our commitment to make Gaia Girls accessible to all.

Continue our West Oakland Group: We provide a free of cost Gaia Girls group for girls from low income families who otherwise would not have access to a nature based girls group. This fall we were able to bring the girls out to their local park. For many of them, it was their first time being in such a wild place, and they loved it! This alone costs us $12,000

Pay our Staff A Living Wage (for the Bay Area): We intend to pay our amazing staff a living wage for the San Francisco Bay Area, where the cost of living is high. We can only nourish others if we are nourished.

Pay for Diversity and Equity Consultation and Training for Our Staff: We are committed to being an organization that is sensitive and inclusive to all and stands in solidarity with all people.

Raise Funds through Foundational Grants: We seek to diversify how Gaia Girls is being funded with a combination of program fees, individual donors, and grants. It is more likely that foundations will offer us funding if they see that we have strong community support.

“Spending time with Gaia Girls outdoors has helped her find comfort in nature... she doesn't mind getting dirty anymore!”

Gratitudes … We send deep gratitude to the earth beings, ancestors and teachers, those who inform the work of Gaia Girls Passages, and to the families, staff, volunteers and girls who have made Gaia Girls what it is today. We give thanks for those who have tended these lands for thousands of years and recognize that we are offering our programs on land that was unrightfully taken from the First Nation People of the Americas. We are committed to doing our part to grow a human planetary community that is honoring of earth and all people.

“She now tells close friends she doesn't want to gossip about other girls.”

“Role playing and conversations have helped her handle confrontations and understand her emotions and feelings.”

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